Text Box: CS800-Digital DMR
	Single Band

Price: $280.00

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CS800D - Digital  DMR   Dual Band


Price: $299.00

CS750 - Digital DMR Single Band

Price: 130.00

Price: 239.00

CS750 - Digital DMR Single Band

Galaxy DX-959

Price: 179.25


AM / SSB Large, easy-to-read meter with 4 scales:

"S" Meter indicates up to

60 dB over S9

Modulation Percentage

Scale for use on AM

Power Scale Calibrated for AM and SSB SWR Scale

   Cobra 29 Classic

        Price: 98.75

-Illuminated S/SWR/RF Meter

-Switch-able Noise Blanker

-Automatic Noise Limiter

-RF Gain Control

-Dynamike Control

-Instant Channel 9

-CB/PA Switch

-Dim/Bright Switch

-Delta Tune Control

-SWR Cal Control