6 Meter Repeater Project Part 2


We did more “stuff” getting closer!

Ok, the team showed up at the shop and after some brain storming, we dove in and modified the Motorola Micor Base station to work in full duplex mode. This means it will transmit at the same time as it is receiving a signal.


Next was the controller, this took more time than expected due to not having a squelch gate card. We have since purchased one and now the controller works great! We are using a CAT-300DX for testing but will be using a RLC4 for the final product.



KG5HFI Emery (peewee) Chandler

Pulling out channel elements and

Receiver deck.

            N5ONI James Cleveland

Working on local audio and


K4JMS Joe Mayer

standing by to yell  SMOKE!

We were given a frequency pair to use 53.230 / 52.230 Mhz. So we monitored for a few days and its clear. We mailed off the channel elements to ICM for setup and temperature compensation.


They say we should see them back by end of June or before so….waiting.



If every one that has something, anything to do with this project will send me an email, I will make a 6 meter email group and this way we all get updates and work notifications at the same time!


Send email to: n5sim@arrl.net



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