Emery Chandler (KG5HFI) and Toby Driscoll (N5SIM) that's me, have had a lot of fun on six meter FM. This due to a slight "arm twisting" by a local ham Jerry Coffman (K5JC) to get on and try it. Well, Jerry was correct about the fun on 6 Meter, so we decided it would be extra fun to build a six meter repeater for the area! Yup, out of the frying pan into the fire...

Here is the concept,
Six Meter repeater put up locally with linked access via 2-meter and 70-cm remote base radios. 

For example, if you don't have a six meter radio you can still access all the fun on the repeater by way of 2-meters or 70-cm. here's how: by simply tuning your radio to the remote base frequency and Pl tone (published later). Once there, you listen, key your mike and give your call, un-key and see who responds! Yup it's that simple! Just remember to listen before you key down!


Text Box: We will try our best to update this page with info, pictures and let you know how we are doing...  So, here we go...

Thanks to the KB6MIP.org site for some great info and tips!

We now have a set of four DB-4042 filter cans that we will modify into a duplexer configuration.
Click here for info on that prosses.

We also have the Motorola Micor VHF low band base station that will be used as the repeater.
Click here for information on the mod.

As of today we have emailed the 
Texas VHF-FM Society requesting a couple of  six meter repeater pairs to monitor so we can choose the best in our area.

The system will be located in Moffet Texas on one of the highest points in Bell County. The tower will be a 70 ft Rohn 25G at 825ft above see level with a DB-201 antenna on a 5 ft mast.
Antenna donated by
Benny Owens (K5KV). LMR-500 will be used as the feed line.

HERE for pictures

Things we need:
I know but I gota say it...Dollars to help fund the project :-)
Guy Wire, repeater controller, crystals (
when we get the Freq's)
8ft ground rod, #8 grounding cable green jacket, Dual band base antenna,
VHF / UHF 50 watt splitter, help erecting the tower.

Remember, if you are local and plan on playing around with the system, please
help support it.

More to follow

73, N5SIM

A special thanks to the following for supporting this project.

Emery Chandler KG5HFI
Site and tower, floor space for repeater and Electricity.

Toby Driscoll N5SIM
Dee Driscoll KE5KLY
Technical services, filing / records, web page.

Gerald “bubba” Moore N5JLP/ duplexer work

Benny Owens K5KV
Db-201 Repeater Antenna

Hal Pegel N5JLL
Remote base radios

6 Meter Repeater Project


Here we go...

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